This wiki is going to also help your train your dog. Before you can train your dog, you have to make sure you've got what you need. This is exactly that.

List of Needs

  1. A dog; to train a dog, you'll need a dog
  2. Patience; Without patience, you'll get nowhere
  3. Dog treat jackpot.jpg
    A dog treat; this will be what will motivate your dog, make it unique and tasty
  4. A clicker; A clicker will tell your dog he did something right and mark the reward

    These are different types of clickers

  5. A treat bag; Will contain treats and keep them from distracting your dog

    A treat bag will hold your treats, phone, ball, clicker, keys and anything else you might need

  6. A target stick; A target for your dog to touch

    A target stick is used for things like agility training. Many target sticks are retractable and have a clicker at the end of it

  7. Play toys; To help get your dog excited and for certain tricks

    Pick your dog's favorite toy to assist you in training Tip: You don't have to have this many

  8. Agility course (optional); Agility training will need an agility course, you can either make or buy one.

    These are the most common agility course essentials. A hula-hoop, poles, boards and whatever else you can think up to mock one will do just fine

  9. Whatever else is mentioned; These are just the essentials of training your pup. Certain tricks may require other simple items, for instance, a box

The "Click and Reward" technique

Before you can train your dog, you'll need some training as well. This trick is for you to learn.

The "Click and Reward" technique is the art of timing treats right. You and your dog will need to learn (or remember) that each time the clicker is clicked, a treat will follow. Your first training session will be getting this technique down. Practice with your dog clicking and rewarding with a treat. This is how you'll do it

  1. Get your dog's attention
  2. Simply click the clicker and give your dog a treat
  3. Repeat, remember to have the treat in your hand and immediately give your dog the treat, otherwise, they will not make the connection.
  4. "Click and Reward" your dog multiple times, until it seems that they understand the clicker. Look for signs that shows that they are excited everytime the clicker is clicked.

Remeber, the clicker is a good thing. DO NOT associate the clicker as a discipline or punishment. Your dog will need to create and remember in his mind a simple equation: Trick=Clicker=Treat. Make sure you do nothing with a clicker that could change that connection. After training your dog for awhile, you will not worry as much about immediately rewarding after the click. Soon, no matter how long you take, your dog will know a treat is coming. At the begginning, though, it is essential you do reward quickly, so your dog can make the connection.

Your dog will soon learn that click=treat

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